The St. Pierre Snake Invasion launch debut album ‘a hundred years a day’

The Bristol band’s long awaited first album is being launched today at the Stag and Hounds pub in Bristol, where they will be supported by a number of bands, including Blacklisters, Death Pedals and Falls.

This is a seminal point for the band who are sure to deliver yet another intense show in support of an album that should capture all the rage and intensity they exhume so well on stage. The album is being released on Halloween, which is fitting due to the fact that it would scare the shit out of many of the feeble eared.

“It’s been a long time getting here so it’s a mixture of relief that we’ve got it done and also excitement that it’s such a cracking line up.” Say’s Patrick, guitarist for the band. When asked about the album’s content he replied “All of it is pretty much a social commentary of the world around us” adding that “One or two tracks may not be expected from us, but it’d be boring if you knew what was going on all the time.”

The album was recorded at the famed Rockfield Studios in Wales, the same place legendary bands such as Rush and Oasis have recorded and where Queen recorded Bohemian Rhapsody. Patrick sums up the experience as “really amazing” and adds “it’s an odd feeling being within the walls of so much history.”

The album was reportedly recorded in just 72 hours, Patrick reveals “We only went in to do an EP over three days but had it pretty much nailed in the first couple of hours… so our Producer Sean Genockey suggested making it an album.”

The album is out today and will be launched tonight at the Stag and Hounds in Bristol, details are below for both the CD and event.

Buy the new album here –

Tickets for the event here –


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