The St. Pierre Snake Invasion @ The Windmill, Brixton- 07/10/15

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The St.Pierre Snake Invasion came to the Windmill with the sole purpose of bringing it to the ground. That’s one thing they make clear as they blasted into a thunderous set, with vocalist, Damien Sayell screaming “this is the most fun that I’ve had in years!”  The lads from Bristol played songs from both of their previous e.p’s as well as several new tracks from their upcoming debut album, ‘a hundred years a day‘. Vocalist, Damien Sayell, is the heart and soul of the band, screaming at the crowd with a voice tainted by fire. He goes a long way to making the band what is, as other band members fail to excite or interact with the crowd at all. In spite of this, they manage to blast through a memorable set. By the end of the set Damien has folded over in a mound of blood, sweat and tears. A fantastic live band and one to keep an eye on.   8/10

Band Info-

The St. Pierre Snake Invasion                                                            


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Photography and review by Liam Williams


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