I Cried Wolf – The Windmill, Brixton – 07/10/15

I cried wolfi cried wolf 3I cried wolf 2

I Cried Wolf have picked up a lot of attention since releasing their debut E.P ‘hollow heart’ earlier this year and upon seeing them live it’s easy to see why. The band injects a rabid energy into the venue, which many bands struggle to do on such an intimate stage. Vocalist, Harry Davies prowls around the venue freely, looking for the next person to unleash his splintering scream on, whilst his band mates throw themselves around the stage as if possessed by musical demons on acid. Lead guitarist, Alexander Gibbons is a talent to behold. He wows the crowd with furious fret tapping, balancing acts and playing a solo with a bottle that he took from the crowd. The only downside to the set is that it’s not long enough, but since the band are still in their embryonic stages, all is forgiven. Overall, I Cried Wolf are an exciting and promising new band and were born to play live.  8/10

Band Info-

I Cried Wolf-

Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/icriedwolfuk                                                                  Twitter:https://twitter.com/icriedwolfuk?lang=engb                                                                  Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMMRyIip_y8Gd4K6VHQh37A

Photography and review by Liam Williams


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