Frauds- The Windmill, Brixton- 07/10/15


Frauds instantly blew everyone’s ear-drums into oblivion, with their heavily distorted groovy riffs and pounding drums that sound like The Black Keys on ‘roids. Although only a two piece, the Croydon based rockers generate the noise of a full piece band with ease and have an on stage chemistry most bands would kill for. The shared vocals worked well at times, especially with the synchronized screams. However when signing separately it’s easy to see that Chris (Drums), has the better vocals of the two, whilst Mike (guitar)is noticeably straining or going of key at some points. It would be easy to compare Frauds with other currently popular two piece bands, such as The Black Keys or Royal Blood. But I feel like Frauds are way heavier and more driven and feel more like the dirty love child of both of the bands. With Three E.P’s dating back to 2013 and a single released in April this year, we could be expecting a debut album from the Post-hardcore rockers soon.  7/10

Band info-




Photography and review by Liam Williams


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