David Gilmour – ‘Rattle That Lock’ -Album Review – 8/10

David Gilmour’s fourth solo album serves up all the ambience and sorrowful guitar playing you would expect from the former Pink Floyd guitarist.


The intro track ‘5am‘ eases the listener in with a smooth ambient introduction that sets a steady pace for the majority of the album. A main theme running through the album seems to be death and the acceptance of it. Songs such as ‘a boat lies waiting‘ mourns the death of friend and Pink Floyd keyboardist Richard Wright, with the veteran guitarist exasperating “what i lost was an ocean”. The album, which has been in development for the last 5 years, is beautifully constructed and an immersive listen if you are patient and give it time. However its melancholy nature can take its toll on the listener as it seems to lumber from song to song, only lifted slightly in tempo on a few songs. These songs prove to have the albums stand out moments, the title track with its straining emotive vocals and ‘today’ with its funky rhythm summoning up thoughts of Pink Floyd’s ‘have a cigar‘.

Overall, ‘Rattle that lock‘ is a brilliant listen that gives us another glimpse of one of Britain’s most talented musicians. And on a further point, is the closest to a new Pink Floyd album as we may ever get.


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